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For West Island Schools:
Fundraising Opportunity and Workshop Activity

If you are looking for a new, exciting and environmentally friendly way for your school to raise funds, look no further than our seedling sales.

Or maybe you are looking for a fun (and useful!) activity for students at your school, then we've got you covered with our Kitchen Workshops.

Read below for more information on these two offerings.

CDP Seedlings icon.png

Sale of seedlings as a fundraiser

Raise funds for your school by selling seedlings that are produced at a local farm and help to contribute to the expansion of the West Island's urban agriculture!

These seedlings are produced at a local farm called Jardins MTL, from seeds that have been developed especially for our local climate.

We take care of placing the orders with the farm, and when the seedlings are ready, we will also be charged with delivering them to the schools. Deliveries will be made in the month of May, on a day and time of each participating school's choosing.

If you are a a representative of a school and is interested in this fundraiser for your facility, please contact us at We will answer your questions and send you additional information that you will be able to share with the parents and staff at your school.

For every seedling sold at $5.00, the money collected will be distributed as follows:


Your School:


Farmers Harvesting Crops



Community Garden

Community Gardens Program:


CDP School Kitchen icon transparent.png

Kitchen Workshops in your school

Are you looking for a fun and educational (as well as practical) activity for the students at your West Island school? We have the perfect solution: Book a Kitchen Workshop!


One of our experienced kitchen animators will go to your school and help the students prepare a meal from scratch. Not only will this activity teach the participants practical cooking and kitchen skills, but they will also learn about nutrition and on how to plan a healthy menu - all while keeping to a budget. These are life skills that can greatly benefit all students from every background.

Send an email to for more information or to book your workshop.

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